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Moca museum of computer art.In brooklyn an prattsville new york. Kenneth Gustafsson art is honored to have been criticall viewed and selected by moca as a distinguished computer art site.
My name is Kenneth Gustafsson, born 1953.
I live in ludvika sweden, in the landscape of dalarna.
You can find 3 pictures,watercolor with "nebulous" and " irritate ". They come from 1992 and have buildings with lab. "Flowering" and "nebulous" aims in no calculated defects has come up then lots off watercolor lying and creep.
I'm painting in my on style.I have studied. E.munch.William turner for 45 years.
It's all about rhythm and feelings in my paintings.

My paintings are in Spain.In palma nova.Maggaluf in palma de mallorca the street address is,cafe'de paris'no4.In ludvika city.Haffas the kids house.
In ludvika hospital,psychiatric team,In new ludvika newspaper m.m.
I have done several trips to palma de mallorca.
In this homesite.I have some press cuts.
Have a link to my website: E-mail me:

Who is Who

Now you can find Artist Kenneth Gustafsson Sweden in the
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Publication date for the issue 2006-2008 is expected around june 2006.
The book is in german and english language and has a limited number of 100 entries.
It contains biographical and professional information about visual artists of the media painting, grafic art, sculpture, digital art, and fibre art. Private and public art collectors, gallerists, librarians, artists and museum and education professionals will find this volume indispensable. 25 entries are additionally completed by an exclusive interview with the artist and a comprehensive catalog of his artworks, recorded on the enclosed dvd. 2006

My address is: Kenneth Gustafsson Ljunghällsgården 4A 77150 Ludvika.Dalarna.Sweden.